Census Report: Italian-Americans in New York City today

Apr 21, 2019 3248

The US World Herald’s chief economist Gina Friedman looks at the most recent census data to reveal where most Italian-Americans live today. This is the first part of the report and it will focus on New York City. Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens, is home to the largest Italian-American population in New York City — 15,418 to be specific. Italians have been the largest ethnic group in Astoria for a while. The Irish and Greeks also have a notable presence.

Eltingville in Staten Island is ranked No.2 on the list, followed by Bensonhurst in Brooklyn. But the highest chance of you meeting an Italian-American is in Staten Island. Rossville, on Staten Island’s south shore, is the most Italian town in New York City, in terms of the percentage of residents who claim Italian ancestry. 58 percent of its inhabitants are of Italian ancestry.

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SOURCE: https://usworldherald.com

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