Bebo Ferra - Paolino Dalla Porta Duo

May 24, 2019 468

Bebo Ferra: acoustic and classical guitar; Paolino Dalla Porta: acoustic bass. Bebo Ferra and Paolino Dalla Porta have been collaborating together since 1995 in various groups and recording projects. The duo was born in 1997 following an invitation by the "Centro Meridionale di Cultura italiana" for a festival of acoustic duos and original music, in Bologna, Italy. A poetic dimension, energy, color, and creativity, are some of the main coordinates from which the original compositions of P. Dalla Porta and B. Ferra are born, purposely written for such a project.

Jazz is the common ground, meant as “thought” and language in an endless transformation and in search of a new synthesis between the European and Mediterranean roots. The two musicians, supported by a refined technique, are able to transform the chamber music dimension of the acoustic duo in an elaborated proposal, with great expressiveness and energy.

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