Art Opening At The American Italian Heritage Museum

Apr 11, 2015 1799

The American Italian Heritage Museum in The Presence of Angels by Mico Di Arpo. Opening reception: April 24th 6pm – 8pm
American Italian Heritage Museum-  1227 Central Ave. Albany, NY 12205
Contact: Prof. /Cav. Philip J. Di Novo 518- 435-1979

April 24th through June 30th 2015

In the presence of Angels is a new collection of buon fresco paintings by Mico Di Arpo showing at the American Italian Heritage Museum. The show runs from from April 24th through June 30th 2015.

Mico Di Arpo is a Master Buon fresco artist internationally recognized for her angelic paintings. She uses her love of the gothic and renaissance eras to produce contemporary works of sacred art. By selecting elements from paintings and sculpture of antiquity and adapting them into modern imagery she is creating an opportunity for renewed interest and concepts in the perceptions of antiquated art. Her art challenges viewers to connect with an ancestral past as contemporaries in a modern spiritual journey.

Source: American Italian Heritage Museum

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