Ambassador Zappia inaugurates new space for Italian non profit and philanthropy in New York

Dec 11, 2021 1041

The Ambassador of Italy to the United States, Mariangela Zappia, inaugurated in New York the "Bodini Center for Italian Philanthropy," a new space that hosts numerous Italian non-profits operating in the United States. Among them, the American Italian Cancer Foundation, the Gruppo Esponenti Italiani (GEI), the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, the Comunita' San Patrignano, the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the Italy-USA Council and the Ban Ki Moon Centre.

It is the first time that an operation of this kind, with an Italian matrix, becomes possible in the United States of America, allowing an interdiscilplinary sharing in the fields of science, economy, culture and international politics.

"Witnessing the birth of this hub of non-profit and Italian philanthropy in New York is for me a source of great satisfaction," said Ambassador Zappia cutting a tricolor ribbon for the inauguration of the center, located in a building in the heart of Manhattan. "It is a concrete sign of how Italy knows how to create a system in the world of nonprofit and solidarity, but also for the all-round enhancement of the importance of our bilateral relationship and economic collaborations between our two countries".

Non-profit organizations will be able to share a structured office. In fact, the new center provides each organization with a workstation, a separate meeting room and a space on the ground floor for meetings and conferences. The spirit of the project, in a modern interpretation of work, is to offer to these subjects the sharing not only of a space but also of ideas, common experiences, in a continuous comparison between different sectors and in order to encourage intersectorial projects.

The American-Italian Cancer Foundation promotes breast cancer prevention in underserved areas of New York by sending equipped vehicles to perform free screenings to women who cannot afford to pay for them. The foundation also offers a scholarship program to bring Italian cancer researchers to carry out research experiences in the United States. GEI brings together Italian personalities, especially in the fields of economics and finance, and aims to improve the conditions of operation of important Italian companies in the USA, contributing also to the promotion of dialogue between Italy and the USA. FIAC promotes the knowledge of Italian art in the United States, encouraging institutional exchanges and exhibiting some of the most important Italian works of art in the country. San Patrignano raises funds for drug prevention, rehabilitation and social reintegration of former drug addicts in Italy and shares its model with similar organizations in America. The Palazzo Strozzi Foundation aims to spread the values and study of the Renaissance in America. Each year it honors a global figure who has distinguished himself or herself in the field of philanthropy and holds an annual competition for students from nine schools in New York, Los Angeles and Detroit. Winners travel to Italy for a month of classes and visits to Renaissance monuments.

The Council for Relations between Italy and the United States, founded in 1983 by Gianni Agnelli and David Rockefeller, promotes relations between our two countries by bringing together top managers, economists, scientists, and Italian and American communication and media figures. The Ban Ki Moon Centre, founded by the former Secretary of the United Nations, plays a role in promoting solutions to crisis situations.


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