Meet Our Wise Women: Rita Esposito Watson

Dec 25, 2015 403


Journalist and Educator, Rita will be honored at our Rhode Island Region Epiphany on January 10, 2016. Buy tickets here.

When my grandparents talked of "the old country" they referred to their village in Italy. Yet, when I asked them to explain the differences, I realized that they brought "the old country" with them to America. Our grandparents' home was characterized by family and friends who shared cooking, eating, gardening, praying, wine-making, the opera, and laughter. My mother's parents came from large families with fascinating stories. Great-Grandma visited America for her 90th birthday and she requested gifts of "French lace nightgowns." A dashing great-uncle made frequent trips to Italy in search of a woman he believed to be the padre's comare.

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