The exceptional Miss Uccello: the legacy of Hartford's first female mayor

Dec 05, 2021 614

BY: Paul Pirrotta

I am proud to announce that my latest book "THE EXCEPTIONAL MISS UCCELLO: THE LEGACY OF HARTFORD'S FIRST FEMALE MAYOR" " is now available on Amazon both as e-book and paperback here. 

The daughter of a Sicilian shoemaker and a conservative Republican in a city where Democrats, lead by the legendary State and National Party Chairman John Bailey, held a 3-1 advantage in voter registration, in 1967 Ann achieved the impossible: she became the first ever woman mayor in the history of Hartford, Connecticut; the first woman mayor in the history of the State; the first woman in the entire country to be elected Mayor of a major city; the last Republican to occupy that position in Hartford.

In the short span of four years as Mayor from 1967 to 1971 she left an historical but overlooked legacy. Her 1969 speech on what ailed Hartford is as current today as it was then. Her actions and statements following the harrowing 1969 riots offer a blue print for some of the same issues today. Her strong support in the advancement of women rights was trailblazing and overlooked.

This book is another example of the significant contributions Italian Americans have made to the history of America.

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