Blessing of Patron Saint at Our Lady of Grace Church

Jun 02, 2014 1274

June 1, 2014: The day began as members and guests congregated in front of Our Lady of Grace Church in Johnston, R.I. News media from various papers where ready to report the happenings. Society members were given their special ribbons for members to wear during the celebration.

The Society made their entrance with Joseph Gesualdi carrying the society banner, followed by Louis Spremulli carrying the memorial plaque and the two Russo girls carrying the small wooden statute and embroided cloth. Items to be sent back to Italy as a part of this mass.

Society members followed down the aisle and made a honor guard for the entrance for Fr. Gower and Fr. Almonte. Both priests said this mass for the Society. They did a very excellent job. Everyone praised their presentation.

The saint was blessed during the beginning part of the mass with holy water and prayers. Everything was shadowed by religious background music and singing.

The mass was said by Fr,. Peter Gower and Fr. Almonte. The mass lasted about 45 minutes and everyone was impressed with the celebration. Once the mass was over all of the Society member's gathered at the alter with the saint to take pictures.

After mass their was a dinner celebration at the Rosario Society in Providence, RI.

More than 100 people attended and 10 children. The meal included pizza, calzones, salad, macaroni, meatballs, chicken marsella and parmesan with roasted potatoes. On top of that their were three tables of home made pantries and deserts,

Special guests included Senator Frank Ciccone and Representative John Carnivale both of Providence.

The hall was packed and very noisy from everyone meeting one another. Their were members from Connecticut and Massachusetts, who traveled to meet all the Pannese from Providence. Their was a powerpoint presentation running in the background for everyone to view and learn about a documentary made last year in Panni by Louis Spremulli

Also in attendance were seven people who were all born in Panni, Foggia. They were: Antonio Deluca, Vito Paglia, Vito Capobianco, Giovannian Deluca, Joe Capobianco, Vito Deluca, and Donato Deluca

They all were applauded for their attendance and they all got together for a grand picture.

Rose Deluca from Massachusetts received a citation for being appointed International Correspondent for the Pannese Society of Providence. She owns a home in Panni and travels their at least three times a year. She is very instrumental in helping with communication and translations.

Special memorial presentations were given out to the first two members families who passed away since the Society was brought back in 2013. Both Louis Spremulli from Carpenter Street and Joseph Fratus from Union Avenue were acknowledged. Their names will appear on the society memorial plaque.

The children were occupied with a coloring table of cultural pictures to be sent to Panni as a part of showing their participation in this event.

In closing , Louis Spremulli the vice president spoke about the importance of culture and heritage within Italian families. It is our job as descendants of Panni, to carry on what our four fathers have done for us.

Unlike money and property, heritage cannot be stolen or taken from you as long as you are alive. It can only be lost or forgotten by a choice that you make, either neglect or disuse. If we value our heritage, we then will be able to pass it on to our children with little of ourselves attached to it.

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