Douglas POW Camp: #ThisWeekInWYHistory

Jan 05, 2019 1293

BY: Ryan Lewallen

In the small, sleepy community of Douglas, Wyoming, a solitary building stands alone, occupying a plot of land on the western side of town, just off of Interstate 25. At a glance, the building is nothing spectacular; stucco has replaced the original asbestos walls and the gable roof has been covered with asphalt shingles. An enclosed porch and notable brick chimney dominate the north end of the building.

But closer inspection reveals that the building is old and utilitarian in nature. The building was made for a purpose, and a small wooden sign placed strategically a few meters to the northwest of the building tells what that purpose was. “Douglas World War II POW Camp,” the sign reads. The otherwise ordinary looking building is the last remnant in northeast Wyoming of a time when the Second World War raged across the Atlantic Ocean.

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