Statue commemorating Logansport's immigrant history and present is in its home

Nov 21, 2020 499

BY: James D. Wolf Jr.

On Friday, Logansport celebrated the long-anticipated arrival of the “Immigration Sculpture” in Heritage Park. Like many of the immigrants who came to Logansport, the statue representing them did not have an easy trip to its home. There were decisions to be made and money to be raised. And although the statue of Carrara marble was supposed to arrive in this country in spring, the pandemic slowed its travels from Italy, where it was carved. 

As the statue looks over East Market Street, it’s home isn’t finished yet. Mollie Graybeal Dunderman told the more than 65 people gathered for Friday’s dedication that there will be lights to illuminate the immigrant family at night. There will also be flowers around the area, and the names of anyone of any heritage can be added to the mostly Italian names on the base.

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