Italian Americans gather in Little Italy to demand Christopher Columbus statues be put back

Jul 26, 2021 1077

BY: Stephanie Casanova

Hundreds of people gathered at a park in Little Italy on Sunday afternoon to demand that the three Christopher Columbus statues that were removed last summer be put back. During the rally at Arrigo Park, Italian American leaders called on Mayor Lori Lightfoot to return the statue that was removed from the park one year ago. A second statue was removed from Grant Park the same night, and a third statue of Columbus was later removed from the South Chicago neighborhood.

Lightfoot ordered the Columbus statue in Grant Park torn down in the dark of night, saying it was a temporary safety precaution aimed at preventing more clashes between Chicago police and protesters. The mayor then followed her decision to remove the three statues by creating a review process for controversial city monuments that she said would be part of “a racial healing and historical reckoning project.”

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