Culinary "Tour Of Italy"

Apr 24, 2013 1352

Join the Italian Heritage Society of Indiana (IHSI) as they embark on an educational culinary adventure of a lifetime with Executive Chef Tony Hanslits of The Chefs Academy, exploring, celebrating and sharing a Tour of Italy throughout the month of May. IHSI is excited to offer this opportunity to all persons who love to learn, cook, and most importantly eat fresh, quality, authentic Italian cuisine while also enjoying the company of your fellow students and explorers. IHSI is raising funds to establish an Italian Heritage Cultural Center along with the Chef's Academy Scholarship Program.

Join Chef Tony as he takes you on a Tour of Italy like you have never been! Italians eat what is available during the current season. You will learn about the variety of fresh herbs and various ingredients available during the Italian spring. Your taste buds will be dazzled by the many flavors which Italy has to offer, from the north with their creamy sauces to the south with their rich savory red marina to the islands with fresh sea catches.

The series of six classes will include a cooking demonstration and instructions by Chef Tony followed by a seated meal, beginning with an introductory lesson on Thursday, May 7th covering a summation of the whole series with regards to customs like Antipasti (appetizer), Primi (first course), Secondi (second/main course), Contorni (side dish), along with covering authentic Italian ingredients. Classes will explore regional Italian favorites such as Molise Calocioni (savory stuffed fritters), Eggplant Rolls w/ Prosciutto and pecorino, Fusilli and Orecchiette with Meatballs, and Fettuccine with Ricotta to name a few.

Located at 644 East Washington Street, The Chefs Academy will host up to 45 students for each Tour of Italy voyage which will set sail at 10:00am and harbor at 1:00pm. The cost is $50 per class and reservations are required as space is limited. Attend every class for $250.For further information or to register for this adventure of a lifetime, please email Tom Calvano of the Italian Heritage Society of Indiana at [email protected] or call 317-452-2389.

Tour of Italy Dates:All times are 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the following dates:
Tuesday, May 7th
Introduction to Tour of Tuscany.

Thursday, May 9th
Appetizers. We will be preparing and eating Antipasti from two of the following regions. Northern, Central, Southern or the Islands.

Tuesday, May 14th
Buckwheat Gnocchi with Speck, Fettuccini with Ricotta. Da Valle' D'Aosta e Lazio.

Thursday, May 16th
Fried Fish with Vinegar and Vegetable Sauce, Rabbit in Spicy Wine Sauce. Da Lombardia e Liguria.

Tuesday, May 21st
Fusilli and Orecchiette with Meatballs, Spicy Chicken Stew. Da Campania e Basilicata.

Thursday, May 23rd
Dumplings with Tuna and Bottarga, Lamb in White Sauce. Da Sardinia.

The Italian Heritage Society of Indiana looks forward to this inaugural fundraising endeavor and hopes to see you there. Salute e Mangia!!

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