Columbus has 3 Columbus statues. This is their fate

Jun 24, 2020 273

BY: Tyler Buchanan

Standing in a light rain at City Hall, U.S. Sen. John Bricker marveled at the 20-foot bronze figure unveiled in a city which bears its likeness’ name. It reminded Bricker of the harbor in New York City. He predicted the new statue of Christopher Columbus would be viewed in Ohio as a “symbol of friendship,” akin to what the Statue of Liberty represented to the United States of America.

Bricker and others present at that 1955 unveiling did not foresee the cultural reckoning that was to come. Later the site of protests and controversy, that statue is now set to be taken down. The disputes over Columbus’ legacy predate the recent civil unrest. But these latest demonstrations against racism and police brutality have brought heightened scrutiny toward American symbolism and which figures are deserving of public praise in modern times.

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