Carnevale di Venezia in Ohio

Jan 31, 2014 1355

No need to board a plane for Italy's Venezia: Italia in Ohio is bringing Carnevale to Columbus on Sunday March 2, 2014.

Carnevale, the Italian pre-Lent festival of food and frivolity, is a tradition dating back a millennium and includes parties, music, exquisite Venetian cooking, and above all the masked balls. This year the Refectory Restaurant will host us with ever-flowing wine and Venetian appetizers.

Music from the Renaissance to Italian-American classics. Wear the mask you purchased on your last trip to "La Serenissima" or have one customized to match your costume by artists at the ball. Join us for food, wine, strolling opera singers, lively conversation, and an opportunity to wear your finest feathers, your cloak and wide-brimmed hat, your black tie or your Sunday best - and your mask!

And just as important, you will have an opportunity to do a good deed that will last for generations. Proceeds from the ball will be used to support art restoration and preservation in Venice where the settling city and rising sea level has put centuries of historic works at risk.

Celebrate the Italian tradition, support the arts, and have a truly memorable time. To ensure the ultimate experience the attendance is limited.
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