Upon this brick I will build my church: No glue in this LEGO Vatican

Sep 17, 2015 671

This, the Rev. Bob Simon wants you to know, is a Kragle-free zone. That is, the Vatican he's building out of LEGO bricks -- hundreds of thousands of them, mostly in white -- holds itself together, no Krazy Glue (or Kragle if you saw "The LEGO Movie") required.

"The dome scared me the most," said Simon, a parish priest from near Scranton. "I was almost ready to stop." In fact, Simon said as a crowd of curious children and geeked-out adults gathered around his work area at The Franklin Institute, the scale replica of the Vatican and St. Peter's Square is made entirely of standard-sized LEGO bricks and mini-figures.

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Source: http://www.newsworks.org/

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