The Seicento. A Century of Innovation

Sep 09, 2021 276

Thu, September 9, 2021. 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST. Online event by Luca Cottini. Register here. The Italian 17th century was a time of rupture and a creative laboratory of innovative ideas (in architecture, science, music, and urban development). Monteverdi, Galileo, Caravaggio and Bernini belonged to a common cultural soil, which nurtured a new experimental aesthetics of the world.

In this presentation, Luca Cottini explores the Seicento from an interdisciplinary perspective as a century of instability & innovation, of decay and vitalism, of crisis and regeneration. The lecture is sponsored by the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia in collaboration with the Youtube channel

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SOURCE: Italian Innovators, Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia

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