The Newark church where an Irish American priest says Mass in Italian

Oct 11, 2021 648

BY: Tom Deignan

Anyhow, if Many Saints really put you in a nostalgic mood, you may want to visit St. Lucy’s parish in Newark from October 15-17, for its annual festival in celebration of St. Gerard. The festival, now in its 122nd year, inspired the season six Sopranos episode “The Ride,” equal parts hilarious and horrifying, mainly because Tony Sirico’s Paulie Walnuts is at the center of the story.

For decades, St. Lucy’s was the hub of Italian immigrant life in Newark. Even now, every Sunday at 8 a.m., a Mass in Itali. Like many priests in the U.S., Father Paul’s roots may be in Ireland but he spent lots of time in Rome, and elsewhere in Italy.

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