Italian-American Foundation Honors Antonio Giordano, MD, PhD Founder & President of Sbarro Health Research Organization

Nov 14, 2018 1036

Italian-American Foundation, Filitalia, honors Antonio Giordano, MD, PhD, Founder & President of Sbarro Health Research Organization at Temple University with the Humanitarian award at the foundation’s 31st Anniversary Gala. Filitalia International & Foundation celebrates 31 years of commitment, dedication and service at their Annual Gala Dinner on Sunday, November 11, 2018. The foundation and its donors have contributed to initiatives championed by the Italian American community in the Greater Philadelphia area, among them the opening of the History of Italian Immigration Museum in 2014.

”The mission of this foundation is to help promote the talent of Italian-Americans in various industries and disciplines,” Giordano says, “ and considering that historically, Italy has generated great discoveries in the arts, medicine, and business, it is vital for us to carry on that tradition and maintain that legacy in the modern world.”  

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