A day in Naples, Impressions, emotions, discoveries of a day in Naples by Flavia Loreto

Nov 19, 2021 496

The photographer Flavia Loreto was raised and born in Rome, after spending 20 years in Germany, she now lives in the USA. Photography is her passion and her way of relating to the people and to the world, of expressing emotions and feelings. She took these photographs of Naples one day in February 2016, following her curiosity and emotions through the streets of the historic center of this unique city.

Naples is a city of excesses and contradictions: there is the threatening presence of Vesuvius and the calming effect of Mediterranean sea; the warm and friendly ways of the Neapolitans and their extreme emotions; the neat Piazza del Plebiscito and the broken buildings in the slums. 

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SOURCE: https://ciaophiladelphia.com

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