Columbus statue that was thrown into Harbor is rebuilt

Apr 27, 2022 461

BY: Bryna Zumer

After a group of protesters threw Little Italy's longtime Columbus statue into the Harbor two years ago, the statue has been recreated by a local sculptor. Meanwhile, Baltimore's Italian-American community wants to put a new statue of an anonymous Italian immigrant in the plaza where the Columbus statue once stood. John Pica, president of the Italian American Organizations United, said the hope is rename it "Piazza Little Italy," with an Italian-American theme. 

Pica said the organization has been working with City Councilman Zeke Cohen, the indigenous-people community, the Jewish community, and the African-American community to re-theme the park. But local sculptor Will Hemsley also dedicated himself to rebuilding the solemn, marble Christopher Columbus statue, costing him about $80,000. The new sculpture is almost identical to the original one.

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