Attacks against Christoper Columbus. A message from the Executive Board of The Italian American Police Society of NJ

Jun 27, 2020 522

BY: William Schievella, President & Executive Board and Officers of the Italian American Police Society

Recently, there have been a lot of discussions about the movement to attack the reputation and historical importance of Christopher Columbus. Turbulent events in our nation have led to many emotions that have impacted cities and towns throughout New Jersey. While we work to understand and examine the historical conditions that have shaped our nation, it is important to look at all perspectives.

The image of Christopher Columbus is a source of great pride for Italian Americans. When looking at monuments and statues depicting Christopher Columbus, many Italian Americans are reminded of the accomplishments of other famous Italian Americans such as Sgt. John Basillone, a war hero; Lt. Jospeh Petrocelli, a tough NYPD crime fighter; or Joe DiMaggio, a beloved baseball legend.

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