Vado Verso Dove Vengo (I'm Going Where I Come From)

Jun 26, 2020 334

Vado verso dove vengo (I’m Going Where I Came From) is a documentary that tells the per- sonal stories of Lucanians who emigrated abroad and of those who returned and who stayed in the small towns of Lucania region - known today as Basilicata. From New York City to Aliano, from London to Castelmezzano, the voices of emigrants and of their descendants narrate tales filled with emotions of leaving and of remaining, of desertions and returns to small towns on Italy’s fringes.

The stories offer a complex meditation on emigration, immigration, and belongings. Is it possible, after more than 100 years of emigration, to forge a new balance between local communities and global flows? Can small towns hold the key to innovative projects and sensibilities that will inform the future?

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