The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles Announces A Solo Exhibition “Color Fusion: The Art of Dick Marconi”

Jan 06, 2017 556

From January 31 "Color Fusion: The Art of Dick Marconi" will feature a selection of Marconi's works, an ongoing exploration of the emotive, transformative, and creative power of colors.

Dick Marconi (b. 1934) is an American artist residing in California, whose fascination with colors began at the age of twelve when an accident left him blind and partially deaf in one ear. Over a period of months, Dick gradually regained vision in one eye, first discerning only shades of black, white, and gray. When he began to see again, colors were brighter, more vibrant, and saturated than he recalled. That was the beginning of Dick's lifelong passion for color, as well as the foundation of his identity as an artist.

Using his artistic passion and knowledge of chemistry, Marconi pioneered a technique that melds a variety of paints—including aircraft, automobile, oil, and household, along with nearly a dozen solvents— to make colors move, fuse, flow, and retract as if they were placed on the canvas by a magical force.

He refers to this abstract expressionist art form as Color Fusion. "My whole life has been about color. Color Fusion is being able to take colors and make colors move and flow", says Dick Marconi.

For Calendar Listing
Date: From January 31 to March 11th, 2017
Public Opening January 31st

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Closed Mondays

Address: 644 North Main Street (corner with Cesar Chavez Avenue)
Los Angeles, 90012 (213) 485-8432.

Directions: Take the Metro Red Line, Gold Line, or Purple Line to Union Station/Gateway Transit Center. Exit the station and walk across N. Alameda Street to El Pueblo Historical Monument. Continue west to Main Street, then walk North one block to Cesar Chavez. The IAMLA is located near the 101 and 110 freeway intersection.

Admission: Free. Donations encouraged.

Parking: There are several parking options in the area.
Lot 1 - 419 N. Main Street
Lot 2 - 615 N. Main Street
Lot 3 - 852 N. Alameda Street

About the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA). The mission of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles is to foster understanding of Southern California's diverse heritage through research, historic preservation, and educational programs that examine the history and continuing contributions of Italian Americans in multi-ethnic Los Angeles and the United States. The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles is part of El Pueblo of Los Angeles Historical Monument, the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles.

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