Little Italy and the Italians in San Diego

Feb 25, 2023 1191

BY: Tom Cesarini

Little Italy and the Italians in San Diego / A Convivio Docuseries. Produced by Convivio. Written by Tom Cesarini. Directed and edited by John Mangiapane. We are seeking funding to secure the first of five episodes of our docuseries recounting the definitive history of the Italian presence in San Diego. Thank you for your patronage, encouragement, guidance, and overall support!

Episode 1 - The Pillars of Creation: Our Lady of the Rosary Parish. Episode 2 - Seiners and Saints: Italians in the Fishing Industry. Episode 3 - Rock Steady: The Italian Women's Shaping of Community. Episode 4 - Who's Minding the Store: The Merchants and Retailers. Episode 5 - Little Italy: From Colony to Neighborhood to Urban Center.

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SOURCE: Convivio

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