L.A.’s Italian Markets Are Built on Olive Oil, Cold Cuts, and Family History

Nov 20, 2015 475

by Lesley Balla

Fans of "the sandwich" at Roma Market in Pasadena know to head straight for the back and grab a pink paper-wrapped bundle at the edge of the counter. A novice might ask for one, to which a slight older man with friendly eyes will respond from his perch behind the deli case: "You've never had my sandwich? Take one. You'll love it. Everyone loves it."

That's 77-year-old Rosario Mazzeo, and he's right. Nothing more than a soft roll filled with thinly sliced salami, coppa, mortadella, and provolone with a drizzle of good olive oil, "The Sandwich" is a thing of minimalist beauty. The bread is baked fresh daily by Mazzeo's cousin, he will tell you.

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