History in the Making: From Vesuvio to Silicon Valley

Jun 30, 2013 1380

This last June 25th history was in the making at the Palazzo dell'Innovazione in Naples. City administrators, regional politicians, university professors, scientific researchers, innovators, startuppers and foreign diplomats came together to support Unite the Two Bays – From Vesuvio to Silicon Valley...and back and to reaffirm Naples'—and Campania's—position as some of today's pivotal worldwide centers for creative innovation.

And not only that, but also to reaffirm that the Campania Region and the city of Naples can offer much more than just sanitary emergencies and criminal wars as one may be misled to believe from frequent media reports. That beyond stereotypes these are much more complex and rich realities than the monochromatic picture provided by media reports. 

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Source: http://unitethetwobays.com/

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