Anime Nere (Black Souls) to Screen This Month in the Bay Area

May 08, 2015 1458

Movie buffs should know about the film Anime Nere (Black Souls) that is coming out in U.S. theaters starting April 2015. In the Bay Area, the film opens on April 17th at the Opera Plaza (SF), Landmark Shattuck (Berkeley), and Smith Rafael cinema (San Rafael) on April 17.

The film is based on real events described in Gioacchino Criaco's novel, which addresses cyclical violence and complex morality in rural Calabria, the real-life seat of the 'Ndrangheta mafia. The movie is centered around the Carbone family, consisting of three brothers, two of which are engaged in the family business of international drug trade and one who has remained in a small town herding goats.

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