Italian exchange students are a part of Garrett County families

Apr 04, 2018 300

BY: Brenda Ruggiero

During this school year, two exchange students from Italy are living with families on each end of Garrett County and attending high school as seniors. They are each hosted through a different organization, and the fact that they are both here from Italy is coincidental. Once they learned of the connection, the families met each other and have gotten together a few times. Their stories are different, yet very similar.

Riccardo Maione and the Meyer family: Riccardo Maione lives with the family of Dave and Angie Meyer in Oakland and is currently attending Southern High School. “Riccardo is the first long- term exchange student we have hosted, but we hosted German students for a week each summer for five years through the German-American Club,” Angie Meyer said. “We also participated in the Fresh Air program for 10 years, hosting the same child from New York City two weeks every summer. 

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