We The Italians | IT and US: Why italytheater is a necessity

IT and US: Why italytheater is a necessity

IT and US: Why italytheater is a necessity

  • WTI Magazine #8 Dec 06, 2013
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WTI Magazine #8    2013 Dec, 6
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A story of magic
We have never been in a time more open than ours. We have never had higher technological access to information. Big data is about instant crunching of infinite bits that describe exactly what, where, and how we are living our lives. Today it takes only fractions of a second to download the entire world-wide-web. 

On the other hand, no matter how much we know, our identity is still fundamentally forged by experiences that are not completely under our control: the shared stories of our families, schools, trips, love affairs and personal relationships. I still remember my first night at the movies, watching E.T. by Steven Spielberg, and facing the possibility of another world of creatures different from me. We don't relate to chronicles or instant messages as much as we engage when an intriguing narrative, which turns our world upside down, unfolds.

Theater is the safe space where life celebrates these tensions, where all of the hard questions are asked, and where challenging status quo leads to pure innovation. Isn't the love of Aida as true as anybody else's? Why do we inflict so much suffering to others, I would ask Jago? Born Liars will ask you another one: can you stand by the truth even when it goes against your own interests? Aren't we all liars?

Individual and collective memories are created around shared dramas that live right here, in front of us, and that are so real every single night, and still so unreasonable and universal. Theater reminds us that we need wonder as much as we crave control.

What is it? The best of Italy, today

The birth of a new theater is always good news for a community. italytheater wants to create a permanent house where the best of Italy meets the contemporary world, and where live performances give everyone, especially kids and teens, the chance to share stories inspired by the Italian tradition and culture. So, what's really new about italytheater?

italytheater proposes in a new fashion the universal message of Italian arts & culture, via live performances and education programs, which will run in multiple languages. Let's take the example of Born Liars. The play draws on the Neapolitan tradition, but it is in the end an excursus across the US history. Katrina is a new theatrical execution of the absurd danger of lies, the same lies of our popes, emperors, dictators, or politicians. The inspiration is all Italian, but the message is universal. Born Liars redefines Italian identity because it shows an archetype of mankind. We are interested in Leonardo as he shows a vision for 'the' man of all times and nations, in Michelangelo the fool who wants perfection, not just the artist of Pope Julius. We want first and foremost to create space for new identities around the immense assets of past and present Italian cultural experiences. We believe in an ever-changing balance between our past and our future, which means being able to communicate Italy's best with hybrid, provoking and globally understandable work.

How do we do it? Born Liars, a story of content and access
italytheater will be airing Born Liars in May 2014. Here is an example of how we will do things.

First, we need great content, extraordinary stories. 'Born Liars' delivers a universal message. Truth is as fragile as a bud: it needs care and protection to turn into a beautiful flower. On the contrary, lies are exactly like hurricanes that grow relentlessly to devastate everything on their paths. And, we are the creators of our miseries when truth is neglected and shortcuts accepted to ease our way through the obstacles of life. Lies are egoistical creations, whose effects are unfortunately social, exponentially painful and always dreary. It takes tremendous ethical discipline to accept what's real, and work hard towards success and happiness.

Second, we have to share. But, it's not simply pro-bono; it's a necessity. A new educational pilot program on 'truth vs. lies' will kick-off at the same time, together with the launch of the show. Theater goes back to its roots. We learn with new artists, with the new generations. Access for the young will be free. For adults, we just want to be cost neutral. Italytheater does not belong to Capotorto, Arbore or myself. We ask everyone to help us build the world of tomorrow leveraging individual talents and social responsibilities. We need to discuss and exchange around themes that affect us all, because we just can't define who we are by ourselves.

So, what do we want from you? Help. Help us spread the word around the project, establish a network of supporters and friends, and transform italytheater from being a project to a permanent platform, a permanent house, the house of wonder and magic.

Who are we, we Italians, we Italy's Lovers, we Theater & Arts lovers, we kids of this world, we new and emerging artists? I don't know. I am not in control, but I am ready for the journey.