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Italian wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Italian wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

  • WTI Magazine #17 Feb 14, 2014
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WTI Magazine #17    2014 Feb, 14
Author : Vino OK      Translation by: Alessandra Bitetti


The zone where Trebbiano di Romagna DOC is produced covers a large part of the provinces of Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna. The nature of the areas is quite varied: the Romagna's territory is characterized by the foothills of the Appenines with marly-arenaceous formations.

The main grape variety is the Trebbiano di Romagna, that is sustained from other certified white grape varieties in the region. This variety is highly productive, vigorous and late. It has a small extract just like all the grapes with high productivity; it also has a weak character and a low alcohol content.

In exchange, it has a good acidity. It stands the freezing spring, but the late-maturation places it within well-defined geographical boundaries. For this reason it has to be grown from central Italy down. It's rarely subjected to iodine and rot, but it suffers the late blight.

The Trebbiano di Romagna tends to a pale yellow color, with a winy scent, a pleasant and dry, savory, balanced tasting. It could be match with fried anchovies, Italian appetizers, wine carp, light soups, dogfish with vegetables, arrabiata sauce with pasta, light fish and eggs, both fried or scrambled.

The Trebbiano di Romagna sparkling wine has fine and persistent foam and a pale yellow color more or less intense. The scent is pleasant, distinctive and generally it has a dry taste but also sweet, depending on the specific type.

It can be tasted during an happy hour with eggs or fish.