We The Italians | Italian lifestyle: Morelato chairs, convertible furniture

Italian lifestyle: Morelato chairs, convertible furniture

Italian lifestyle: Morelato chairs, convertible furniture

  • WTI Magazine #76 Feb 14, 2016
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WTI Magazine #76    2016 February 15
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Pieces of furniture are not always what they seem. A chair, for example, can have multiple functions, and can be placed in a variety of environments. The Morelato collection includes numerous "convertible" solutions, such as: the "Metamorfosi" chair that turns into a coat closet; the "Burton" chair that becomes a rocking chair by applying magnetized skates; and "Scala Zero" that, as suggested by its name, can be transformed from a chair to a stepladder.

"Metamorfosi" is the winning project of the eleventh edition of the "Il Mobile Significante" contest, organized by the Aldo Morelato Foundation. Conceived by young designer Peter Barcaccia, it is a chair/clotheshanger made of ash wood. The object's uniqueness lies in its multi-functionality: the backrest can turn into trousers rack, while the junction of the legs, which slightly tilts, is ideal for shoes. A piece of furniture ideal for those who love order without neglecting attention to detail and contemporary design.

Designed by Centro Ricerche MAAM, "Burton" in the rocking chair version has a sober and clean design. Made with padded seat and special dovetails cherry wood, Burton is convertible to rocking chair through the application of two curved magnetized skates, making it the ideal seating for relaxing moments.

An innovative design solution is the "Scala Zero" chair. Also designed by Centro Ricerche MAAM, it is a chair made of solid oak that can turn into a handy ladder thanks to the magnetic closure. Also available in essence walnut, Scala Zero is a sober and linear feature for those who like functional furnishings, without sacrificing the traditional natural look of wood.

Morelato offers multifunctional and transformable furniture items that, together with the experience of the artisan and cabinetmaker tradition, seek the formal and stylistic perfection through an innovative design.