We The Italians | IT and US: Tradition meets Originality. Wear the Flavors of Italy!

IT and US: Tradition meets Originality. Wear the Flavors of Italy!

IT and US: Tradition meets Originality. Wear the Flavors of Italy!

  • WTI Magazine #103 May 19, 2018
  • 1777

At every corner, in any Italian city, one gets brought back in time. The richness of the history, the art, and most importantly- the food! The boot-shaped country has 20 different regions; each with its own story, and its own particular flavors.

The flavors are so special and original, that one day a group of young Italian entrepreneurs decided to capture them and turn them into something tangible for individuals to bring back with them to always remember and savor their Italian holiday.  That’s how Gioielli DOP, the first Italian food jewelry brand, was created.  Inspired by these individual and different flavors, Gioielli DOP translates to “PDO Jewelry,” standing for the Italian “Protected Designation of Origin.” These are classic Italian food products that cannot be replicated or made anywhere else except their designated region. Many “DOP” or “PDO” products are world renown, and not to mention some of the most delicious, such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or the spiny artichoke from Sardinia. 

The food jewelry was developed by young entrepreneurs in the association “Giovani Gioiellieri d’Italia,” the first Italian independent association bringing together second-generation jewelers to enhance Italian culture heritage, food bio-diversity and artisanal craftsmanship.  They call them the “3 B’S”: Bello (Beautiful), Buono (Delicious) and Ben Fatto (well-made). 

100% designed, shaped and made by hand in Italy. Their design and production teams are based in the heart of Italy—Tuscany—where the craft of goldsmiths has been handed down for generations since the 14th century. 

Where tradition meets originality, Gioielli DOP’s mission is to promote Italian culture and preserving Italian heritage, all in a fun and colorful way. With over 100+ combinations in their recipe book, each charm taking at least 4 days to make, you can wear and show off your favorite flavors of Italy at all times!

Gioielli DOP’s signature style is original, fun, wearable and full of traditional flavors. Thoughtfully & carefully handcrafted for anyone with Italian ancestry, the Italian food fiend, or anyone who wants to add a splash of color to their style, Gioielli DOP is infused with sterling silver, enamel and love- bringing the flavors of Italy to life once you put it on!

So go ahead- take that Italian vacation- the sun is shining and the vineyards are calling your name. But don’t forget to bring back a taste of Italy home with you with Gioielli DOP!

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