We The Italians | IT and US: AIRE SOS, guardian angels for Italian expats

IT and US: AIRE SOS, guardian angels for Italian expats

IT and US: AIRE SOS, guardian angels for Italian expats

  • WTI Magazine #175 May 18, 2024
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According to the most recent survey (the 18th “Rapporto Italiani nel mondo” by the Fondazione Migrantes), published at the beginning of 2023, the Italian expats are now almost 6 millions, +91% vs 2006; and these are only the expats enrolled in the AIRE (“Albo degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero”) as there are many more Italians expats that are not enrolled although they are living and working abroad. 

For these many Italians living abroad, daily life is full of challenges and problems: adapting to the culture and regulations of the host country, navigating bureaucracy, securing documents, and accessing essential services can feel like a never-ending maze. 

With the endeavor to help the Italian expats to mitigate this uncomfortable condition, a small group of them, lead by the present President Monica Monti, founded in 2018 “AIRE SOS”, a non-profit organization full of dedicated volunteers willing to offer their professional services to the Italians living abroad. 

Thanks to the wealth of knowledge and professional experience, specifically tailored to the needs of the Italian expat community, over the past few years AIRE-SOS has been helping many Italians in the process of renewing their passport, in the struggle with a visa application, or simply in deciphering the local consulate's website. 

However, AIRE SOS goes beyond just offering services. They understand the unique challenges Italians face abroad and strive to empower them with the knowledge needed to navigate your new environment confidently. Their website is a valuable resource center, packed with informative guides, FAQs, and even insightful rankings of consular services across various countries. This helps to identify the most efficient and helpful channels for addressing your needs. 

AIRE SOS organizes a series of insightful webinars, delving into relevant topics that matter most to Italian expats. From healthcare access to navigating the local tax system, these webinars provide an invaluable platform for learning and staying informed. 

The most recent benefit introduced by AIRE SOS to all members is the possibility to obtain a SPID (the “Sistema Pubblico per l’Identita’ Digitale” that allows Italian citizens to have access to all online services provided by the Italian public administration) with a company called Namirial: thanks to an agreement between AIRE SOS and NAMIRIAL, a discount of 20% on the cost of this service can be obtained. 

AIRE SOS isn't just an organization; it's a community. By connecting with other Italian expats through their platform, everybody can share experiences, build a support network, and feel less alone. 

In conclusion, AIRE SOS empowers Italian expats to take control of their lives abroad by providing the crucial support, resources, and knowledge to overcome hurdles, adapt to new environments, and ultimately, thrive in their chosen adopted homes.