Amanda Pascali Invites Listeners to Follow Love, Resistance and Truth on Still It Moves

Dec 13, 2018 504

BY: Jesse Sendejas Jr

Maybe you don’t recognize it, but Amanda Pascali says there’s a love song at the heart of any good political song. “I like to think of my music, especially the political songs, as more of an internal journey than an external one. A lot of folk musicians think they have some duty to speak on issues of human rights and, during this period, immigration. It is my opinion that the only people who should speak about these issues are the ones who feel them in their hearts,” Pascali noted.

“My political songs are deeply emotional and they come from the same place as a love song. Political songs should never be about finger-pointing. To me, the most important characteristic of a revolutionary, or anyone who speaks about social issues, is empathy. A true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

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