New York Yankees’ Slugger Joey Gallo Reveals the Heartwarming Reason His Family Breaks Into Tears Watching Him With Anthony Rizzo

Apr 05, 2022 400


Joey Gallo, who has been playing for the New York Yankees for over a year now, is a crucial part of the Yankees’ roster. Many people might know, that Joey Gallo has Italian roots. And the Yankees’ slugger never shies away from embracing his love for Italy. Recently, he opened up about his connections with Italy and a unique reason why his family breaks into tears while watching him and Anthony Rizzo together in the ballpark.

Notably, not only Gallo, but the Yankees star Anthony Rizzo, also has an Italian connection. And that makes the two of them, whose families have Italian roots. Recently, in a video tweeted by YES Network, Gallo revealed that his dad is hundred percent Italian, while his mom makes perfect meatballs. 

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