Meet Tara Cannistraci of Festa Della Donna

Mar 05, 2022 271

BY: Suzanna Bowling

In honor of International Women’s Day, Festa Della Donna is a celebration of Italian-American female contributions to arts and culture, featuring a talented lineup of Italian-American lady singers, comedians, dancers, and even a chef!  For this night of everything Italian the special guest is Lena Prima, and featuring the following talented Italian-American ladies: Comedian, Tara Cannistraci; Comedian, Regina DeCcico; Singer, Vanessa Racci; and Medium, Tessa Del Zoppo.

Tara Cannistraci is an Italian-American stand-up comedian born and raised in the Bronx, NY. She uses her New York upbringing as the foundation for her take on observational comedy. She has taken her talents to stage, television, film, off-Broadway and centerfield as the scoreboard host for the New York Yankees.

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