Vic Fangio’s Impact Immediate After 2nd Week Of OTAs

May 27, 2019 522

BY: Romi Bean

The Broncos have yet to play a down of football in 2019. But already, we’re getting more and more evidence that Vic Fangio is the nose-to-the-grindstone type of coach the Broncos have been missing. “Just his mentality. You really get the vibe that there’s no playing around. We’re here to work. We haven’t been in the playoffs in the last three years, we’re not trying to make that four,” Adam Gotsis said.

For Gotsis, Fangio is his third head coach in his four seasons as a Bronco. The same goes for Justin Simmons. But Fangio and his no-nonsense attitude is clearly different than any coach they’ve had before. “It’s tough to get a read on him,” safety Justin Simmons said. “You typically can read someone’s facial expressions or body demeanor. He’s just like that plain jane grey outfit he wears 24/7, you can’t tell what he’s thinking.”

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