Good Morning Midnight’s Charlie Cacciatore knew he ‘made it’ when he snagged a job at Record Collector

Apr 18, 2022 327

“I went to Catholic school in Des Moines, and I guess my way of rebelling was to be a total snob about records,” said Good Morning Midnight frontman Charlie Cacciatore. “Some people are in debate and others play tennis, and me and my friends survived in that ecosystem by taking on that kind of identity. Every weekend, we all went to ZZZ Records and Jay’s CD & Hobby, and we’d go to record shows. We were totally obsessed.

At that time, the idea of working at a place like that was such a lofty notion that it seemed out of reach, like being a rock star.” Born in 1997, the soft-spoken guitarist is a third generation Italian American whose great-grandparents immigrated to Des Moines, where his family owns Italian restaurants and a grocery store. But it was the record store life that sparked his imagination. 

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