Cirque Italia now in Rapid City

Aug 31, 2018 1335

It all started with one man wanting to show the abilities of the human body. Cirque Italia is a new kind of circus. They have ditched the animals and added water, 35 thousand gallons to be exact. "The owner of Cirque Italia, Manuel Rebecchi, he's from Italy. He came to America, he wanted to bring something unique to the American public," says Morganie Rosenthal a performer and stage manager with Cirque Italia.

The team is on the road 11 months out of the year, in a new city each week. For one contortionist, this lifestyle is in her blood. She's a 6th generation performer and is home schooled during the day, and performs at night. "It's my 5th or 4th year with this show. It's honestly been an amazing journey being with them. This is a cirque, it's more of a cirque than it is a circus traditional. I love it, every minute of it. It's awesome," says Jullier Carballo a contortionist with Cirque Italia.

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