South Philly’s Sonny Conto Turning Blue Collar Fiction to Reality

Aug 27, 2019 742

Sonny Conto, a genuine and upbeat 23-year-old boxer from S. 9th Street, is setting himself apart in a sport too often defined by flashy promotions and over-the-top personalities. An Italian-American who picked up boxing gloves at age 10, Conto is beloved in his South Philly neighborhood and humbled by the family and fans who roar from beside the ring when he throws right-handed, sledgehammer punches.

“The Bronco,” as he’s sometimes called, went pro in the heavyweight circuit earlier this year and won his first three fights by knockout over just four rounds. He stands at 6-feet-4-inches tall and weighs 215 lbs., but he’s lean and agile with the kind of scrappy style that can absorb and unleash punishing blows.

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