Phil Martelli says he wants to coach again after St. Joe’s firing: ‘I won’t let it scar me’

Mar 22, 2019 492

BY: Mike Jensen

Phil Martelli said he has not read the three-paragraph statement that St. Joseph’s University put out Tuesday. announcing the end of his tenure as men’s basketball coach. “I don’t really have an interest,’’ Martelli said over the phone Wednesday morning. “The pain is raw. It’s still here. … I haven’t seen it. Nor will I.”

He’s not being a smart aleck, Martelli added. Or words like that. “I’m not walking forward yet, but I’m crawling,’’ he said. Martelli was outspoken in his unhappiness over how Temple had handled the news of the departure of Fran Dunphy this time last year. He was incensed. I asked him a loaded question: How did St. Joseph’s handle the departure of Phil Martelli?

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