Hey New Jersey! How Italian are you really?

Oct 07, 2019 519

BY: Bill Spadea

It’s gravy. And it’s pronounced gaba-gool. If you disagree, you may not be as Italian as you think. Or you are and you’re just from a different part of the country. I grew up in South Jersey and enjoyed Sunday gravy, yes, that’s tomato sauce over spaghetti. My wife grew up in Rhode Island and their gravy is brown and belongs on Turkey and mashed potatoes.

Ok, no matter where you stand on these important issues, comedian Mike Marino is on a mission to “Make America Italian Again.” You may remember I hosted his last tour through NJ at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark. Well he’s back! This time on stage with my friend Jon Bramnick and comic Jaclyn Marfuggi. It’s gonna be an awesome show, yes, I even have some new material! Join us Saturday, Oct. 12 at NJPAC. Get your tickets HERE!

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