Crooning his way: Sal Valenetti comes to the Weinberg

Feb 15, 2018 894

BY: Imade Borha

The scene appeared pulled from “The Sopranos.” The year was 2016, during season 11 of “America’s Got Talent.” Sal Valentinetti walked in slow motion along with two family members in the bright sun. His cousin, Big Tommy, ate a canoli while walking. “How you doin’?,” Valentinetti said when he sat down for a confessional video. The Italian-American from Long Island said the same thing to judge Heidi Klum after he walked on stage.

The video showed Valentinetti joined by three aunts, his mother, and his two cousins, including Big Tommy. The family shared several pizzas while Valentinetti waited to perform. “Up to a few years ago, I barely sang Happy Birthday out loud,” Valentinetti said in the show’s confessional. “I didn’t come here to try out, I came here to win.”

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