1000 Miglia Warm Up Returns to Middleburg

Oct 31, 2023 796

The 1000 Miglia, which has raced through Italy each year for almost 100 years, is holding its Warm Up U.S.A. rally training day and three-day race in and around Middleburg this week. The 1000 Miglia Warm Up USA provides top finishers from the U.S. race with an opportunity to compete in the Italian 1000 Miglia next year.  

The event has 25 entries in two classes: the 1000 Miglia Era Class and the Post-1000 Miglia Era Class. The first is open to 1000 Miglia-eligible cars, built between 1927 and 1957, as well as significant sports and ground touring cars built during the same period; the second class is open to select sports, grand touring, and supercars built from 1958 to the present. 

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SOURCE: https://www.loudounnow.com

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