"Unearthed:" New Poetry between Italy and America

Jan 13, 2022 487

Join professor and poet Federica Santini in a conversation about her Italian American experience and poetry. Federica will read excerpts from her collection Unearthed and explore her connection to language(s) as a lifetime scholar of Italian literature in both Italy and the States, and as a poet writing in her non-native English. Federica’s poetry, rich in imagery and unique syntagms, digs deep into nature, transformations, yearnings, loss, and more.

Praise for Unearthed:

“Federica Santini’s Unearthed is a stunning collection of poems that dig deep into the earth and into your being. It brilliantly, poetically asks us to go beyond having casual conversations with the earth, ourselves, and each other in order to touch, smell, feel what is underneath. This is where we come alive. This is poetry at its best.”

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