Preserving a Vanishing Art in the Italian American Community with Local Filmmaker Michael LoVaglia

Sep 13, 2016 660

The Italiano Villaggio Culturale at the Italian Family Festa was proud to be hosting the world premiere of the documentary film, "Pomodoro", by local filmmaker Michael LoVaglia. The film is a tribute to three generations of his family, and is a glimpse into a vanishing culinary art in the Italian American community, the making and canning of homemade tomato sauces.

At one time whole families would pitch in at the tomato harvesting season to make sauce for yearly use. It's a process, tradition and culinary art that was replicated throughout the valley and beyond, everywhere Italian Americans settled. In today's fast food world, it has becoming a dying art. Michael, has documented not only the process but the feelings and sense of community these culinary processes entailed. "We were honored that Michael LoVaglia decided to debut his documentary at our Italian Family Festa," said Ken Borelli, Vice President and Cultural Chairperson, Italian American Heritage Foundation. "We have been excited to offer the viewing and a chance to meet the producer/director at several of the screenings."

Source: Italian Family Festa San Jose 

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