Los Angeles, Italia – Italian-American icons to the stage

Feb 25, 2013 1092

Big names this year at the Los Angeles Italia, the festival that celebrates films, fashion and art made in Italy. The event gathered Italian and American icons such as directors Quentin Tarantino, David O. Russel and Michele Placido, musician Zucchero Fornaciari, actors Christoph Waltz, Giuliano Gemma and Franco Nero, producers Harvey Weinstein and Iginio Straffi. They all alternated on the stage of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood during this last week, collecting awards and applauses.

But the focus of the whole festival was with no doubt him, Al Pacino, who made his appearance during the opening night to be awarded by the L.A. Italia with the Jack Valenti – Los Angeles, Italia Legend Award 2013. An icon for both Italians and Americans, Pacino played important roles in some of the most successful Hollywood productions.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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