Vogalonga Venice, the most famous regatta in the world

Sep 19, 2023 114

BY: Noemi Curti

The Vogalonga is a spectacular race in the canals of Venice that are colored by the thousands of boats participating in the non-competitive event born in 1974. It was then that a group of friends driven by an intent that today we could classify green, because he wanted to raise awareness about the degradation of the lagoon and protest against the rampant motorization, had the idea of sailing around Venice rowing. 

Even today, after almost fifty years, the event gathers great participation and success at the premises and is an event that attracts many tourists who reach Venice on this occasion. An event, then, born between the city channels, an act of love and care that a group of friends wanted to dedicate to their city, Venice. 

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SOURCE: https://italian-traditions.com

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