Vegan typical Italian dishes: 20 regional recipes you should know

Mar 18, 2023 88

Italian cuisine boasts a huge list of typical dishes, covering every region traditions, from the north to the south of the country, in order to create limitless and creative menus, from appetizers to desserts. But unless most of them are meat and fish based dishes, you'll be surprised by the numerous typical vegan dishes in basically every territory – pasta, cereals, legumes and many colorful vegetables.

So here you have an inventory of various traditional Italian specialties, classified by regions, dedicated to the lovers of classic tastes who doesn't want to quit their healthy habits. The smallest Italian region conveys the tastes of France nearby and the richness of mountains; so, Aosta Valley cuisine includes game meat, dairy products and corn flour in several recipes. Indeed, the vegan dish you can enjoy here is the polenta.

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