Taranto, what to see: 10 places in the city at the center of Magna Graecia

Jun 21, 2024 116

Taranto is a city in Apulia with deep historical roots and is known as “the city of the two seas” because of its unique location between the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo. Ancient Taranto, founded by the Greek people around the 8th century B.C. under the name Taras, was an important center of Magna Graecia. Its strategic location and port made Taranto an important center in the Mediterranean.

Evidence of its past can be seen in the ancient city’s archaeological park, with its Greek walls and necropolis. Over the centuries, Taranto has also seen a succession of Roman and Byzantine dominations, which have influenced the city through its architecture, in its traditions and local culture. 

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SOURCE: https://www.finestresullarte.info

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