Sicilian ricotta cheese: a symbol of gastronomic tradition and the protagonist of many tasty recipes

Sep 19, 2023 114

BY: Clara Amico

When one thinks of Sicilian cheeses, it is impossible that ricotta does not come to mind. Ricotta, whether from cow or sheep, is the main ingredient in many Sicilian dishes. Protagonist in pastry, as among pasta dishes, ricotta is one of the most loved ingredients by Sicilians and others. Just think of cannoli or cassata, traditional or baked, now famous throughout the world and symbols of the pastry art of our island.

Sweet or savoury, we have decided to dedicate an entire article to the delicious Sicilian ricotta, to learn about its origins, history, preparation and the many extraordinary recipes that make this Slow Food Presidium a symbol of our cuisine. Let’s get started!

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